Full Comparison of Dental Veneers with Its Alternatives

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Nowadays, having a drizzling and beautiful smile is one of the necessary factors for beauty and self-confidence. Therefore, a variety of dental procedures are offered by professional cosmetic dentists in order to enhance the aesthetic of one’s smile and make it more stunning. If you feel unsatisfied with your smile appearance due to your discolored, chipped, cracked, or misaligned teeth, cosmetic dentistry can help you. We have many experienced dentists at the Emergency Dental Office who are ideally trained and educated to address all types of cosmetic issues with patients’ smiles. Although many options are available to enhance your smile, dental veneers are on another level since they are significantly popular and practical. Many different problems can get fixed with cosmetic veneers, and they are considered a non-invasive, quick, and affordable cosmetic dental procedure. Generally speaking, dental veneers are a viable option to improve your smile look quickly and effectively. However, there are other alternative treatments you could try first. Today’s blog lists dental veneer alternatives to help you choose your option wisely.

Dental Veneers Vs. Dental Crowns

Compared to dental veneers, porcelain crowns are a less conservative option and are usually used for more serious injuries. Moreover, it’s easier to get veneers, requiring less enamel removal than dental crowns, which is a considerable advantage. However, dental crowns provide more coverage, protection, and strength as they cover the entire surface of your damaged tooth. Also, endodontists use a dental crown following root canal treatment to prevent further damage to the treated tooth.

Dental Veneers Vs. Teeth Whitening

Having a white and flawless smile is the wish of every patient visiting a cosmetic dentist. Teeth whitening is another popular cosmetic dental treatment that is demanded by many patients when they consult with a cosmetic dentist. It’s a cost-effective and practical method to whiten your discolored and stained teeth safely. However, professional teeth whitening treatment isn’t effective in some cases where one’s teeth are severely stained and discolored. In such conditions, teeth whitening treatment can’t remove those stubborn dental stains, and you need dental veneers to cover them. Furthermore, dental veneers are much more durable compared to teeth whitening treatments.

Dental Veneers Vs. Dental Bonding

Another treatment cosmetic dentists provide is dental bonding. Teeth bonding can address problems and even dental emergencies like a chipped or broken tooth perfectly. However, veneers are more durable and stronger than bonding and can last up to 15 years, while you have to replace your dental bonding usually after 5 years. Another advantage of dental veneers is their more natural appearance compared to dental bonding, which is a great factor for patients demanding a perfect smile.

Dental Veneers Vs. Tooth-Colored Fillings

The most common method to treat a decayed tooth in its early stages is using a dental filling. If left untreated, the necessity of tooth removal increases, and your tooth can’t get saved by a dental filling. Thanks to the recent development of cosmetic dentistry, there are tooth-colored filings available mow which are more beautiful yuan anagram fillings when get used in your mouth. Although veneers are more aesthetically pleasant, tooth-colored fillings are usually better for treating tooth decay.

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Dr. John Doe

Written by Finn Maguire Cohen for Emergency Dental Office — Fact checked by Dr. John Doe