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Emergency Dentist Vaughan

Ignoring a dental condition can potentially increase the risk of further damage and lead to extensive and costly treatment down the road. Our Emergency Dental Office in Thornhill is located on Bathurst Street, north of Steels. We also have free parking available in the Chabad Gate Plaza. Dr. Alireza Kamali is the owner of the Emergency Dental Office with over 20 years of experience. We only use the latest technology and the best dental material in order to provide outstanding emergency dental services in Vaughan and the neighborhood. Same-day appointments are also available. Walk in patients are accepted.

Quality, Affordable Emergency Dental Treatments in Vaughan

At Emergency Dental Office, we are proud to provide a full range of general, specialty, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry services in Vaughan to cover any life-threatening dental conditions that may arise unexpectedly. Our Vaughan emergency dental professionals are always ready to combine their expertise with modern and advanced strategies to preserve oral health and eliminate the risk of life-threatening issues and complications. We accept all types of dental insurance plans and major credit cards. Let us give you a hand any time a severe dental emergency suddenly occurs.

Our Mission at Emergency Dental Office

Our main goal is to provide successful & exceptional dental options when you need them and be the most trusted Emergency Dentist in Vaughan. Emergency Dental Office offers a wide array of dental discounts and payment options to get you the care you need right away with our walk-in dentist services. Contact our clinic at +1 289-302-6864  as fast as possible if you want to take a great step to deal with your urgent dental problems and keep your permanent teeth healthy and strong for a lifetime.

Emergency Dentist Vaughan

FAQs Provided by Our Highly-Skilled Emergency Dentist

Generally, those who need emergency dental services in Thornhill and Vaughan come to visit us with many questions. That’s why our extensively-trained urgent care providers respond to the most common questions that are frequently asked to make you well-informed about the procedures you may receive during your appointments. Please get in touch with our dedicated emergency dental team for more information if your questions aren’t covered below

As discussed previously, dental emergencies require urgent dental care as fast as possible; otherwise, some adverse consequences may be experienced that can put your overall health and well-being at severe risk. We gather a list of common dental emergencies in the following parts to help those who cannot distinguish emergency conditions and live in Vaughan from all other non-urgent problems you can wait to see your general dentists:
Extensive & Sharp Toothaches 
Bear in mind to see the nearest emergency dentist whenever you experience sharp and continued dental pain. This is because toothaches are a clear sign that indicates something is wrong. Those who immediately see our Vaughan emergency dentist and let them treat the underlying reason of their pain through simple procedures like dental fillings can save their teeth for a life time. On the other hand, waiting long to receive your required emergency dental treatments makes you more prone to experience serious conditions that lead to tooth loss.
Continued gum bleeding 
Another common symptom that forces you to visit an experienced emergency dentist is bleeding gums. In the event of bleeding gums for you or any of your family members, do not hesitate to contact our emergency dental office in Thornhill.
Redness & Swelling around a Certain Tooth
Don’t postpone visiting dedicated urgent care providers when you notice severe swelling in your mouth because this sign signals the growth of infection.   At Emergency Dental Office, we are always ready to diagnose the type and severity of your condition through urgent dental examinations in Vaughan and provide top-quality emergency dental services to treat them in the blink of an eye. Don’t worry if root canal therapy fails and your natural teeth are extracted because, our skilled cosmetic dentist will replace your lost teeth with dental implants and preserve your powerful chewing ability.

Waiting to see our emergency dentist in Vaughan to deal with severe urgent dental conditions will definitely do more harm than good. Those who avoid visiting professional urgent care practitioners are more susceptible to experiencing serious conditions that threaten their overall health. The list of common problems you may develop if you neglect to visit emergency dentists on time are as follows:

  • A dental infection will spread to adjacent teeth and structures and increases the need for tooth extraction
  • The risk of periodontal diseases is increased
  • Severe dental decays will lead to teeth discoloration, so the need for teeth whitening and dental veneers will increase
  • Life-threatening dental issues may be experienced that require complicated oral surgeries like bone grafting.

Don’t hesitate to contact our clinic right now if you need the help of a professionally experienced and equipped emergency dentist in Vaughan.

Trust us

Trust us

Parents are often apprehensive when choosing a dentist for their children because the dental care of adolescents can be a bit challenging. However, we provide the most trustworthy dental services in all of Toronto. Our dental team has been working in the field for many years and understand your needs and how to deal with them in the best possible manner.

We specialize in all ages, from children to elderly people, we provide quality care to all our patients. This means that you can schedule a dental appointment for your family together and leave smiling. If you have any hesitation about going for a dental checkup, you will be surprised in the solutions that we can offer. We guarantee that you’ll feel no discomfort while you’re with us, so put away your fears and come on over.

If you are looking for Walk-in Dental office that is open from six days a week from early morning to midnight, visit Emergency Dental Office. We accept all Walk in dentistry patients.

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