Can Dental Veneers Damage Your Natural Teeth?

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It can be too annoying when you feel it’s necessary to hide your teeth whenever you smile. Unfortunately, many aren’t satisfied with their smiles which is why they hide their smiles and feel uncomfortable. The cause of this dissatisfaction is usually a variety of cosmetic flaws that affect your teeth negatively. Fortunately, these cosmetic dental flaws can be ideally addressed to give everyone a beautiful, flawless smile. Our experienced cosmetic dentists at Emergency Dental Office are always ready to fix these issues and can help you to find the best way to achieve your dream smile. Dental veneers are significantly popular among patients due to their unique benefits. Dental veneers can hide your teeth’ flaws and imperfections to give you a better smile look. Getting dental veneers is considered a significant investment, so it’s better to be adequately informed before making any decisions. One of the patients’ most common questions is whether cosmetic veneers can damage your natural teeth. The answer is no, and you can continue reading this blog for more information.

What Are Cosmetic Veneers?

Dental veneers are wafer-thin shells that are permanently bonded to the front surface of your teeth. Cosmetic veneers are customized for each patient based on personal preferences and facial features. This treatment can fix minor dental imperfections, and you may choose other restorative treatments like cosmetic crowns for more severe cases.

How Can Dental Veneers Change Your Smile?

Dental veneers, a popular cosmetic dental procedure, can improve your smile by making your teeth whiter and straighter. Dental veneers can hide minor dental flaws, including:

  • Tiny erosions
  • Minor misalignment
  • Crooked teeth
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Too small or big teeth
  • Small teeth gaps
  • Dental cracks or chips

Is It Possible to Get Dental Cavities Under Veneers?

If you don’t maintain perfect oral hygiene, it’s possible to experience cavities under veneers. Although veneers provide your teeth with a layer of protection, the risk of cavities is high if you have poor oral hygiene and a diet high in sugar. In such cases, your cosmetic dentist may refer you to an emergency dentist to treat the decayed tooth and prevent further problems. Finally, it shows dental veneers don’t damage your natural teeth, and such conditions result from the lack of attention to your oral health.

What Else Should You Know about Veneers?

  • There is no going back – dental veneers cannot be removed once they are applied. Treatments like dental veneers, tooth implants, crowns, etc., are considered permanent solutions, so you must be careful about your choices.
  • Veneers can’t get whitened – after installing your veneers, you can’t change their color shade. It’s necessary to maintain your veneers to prevent them from getting discolored because teeth whitening treatment does not affect cosmetic veneers.
  • Not everyone can be a good candidate – if you suffer from periodontal disease or severely damaged teeth, you need to have alternative treatments first. Some other procedures, like tooth fillings, may be needed before getting veneers.

If you think dental veneers can help you have a dreamy smile, don’t waste time and visit your cosmetic dentist now!

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Dr. John Doe

Dr. John Doe

Written by Finn Maguire Cohen for Emergency Dental Office — Fact checked by Dr. John Doe