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Emergency Dental Office is offering all the dental services in a convenient location with Free Parking for our patients. Our Dentist North York have over 25 years of experience, servicing residence of North York. We are open 6 days a week from 9 AM to Midnight to serve all and everyone who are suffering from toothache and need an afterhour dentist. Emergency Dental Office in North York accepts all insurances and we offer direct billing to your insurance so you do not need to worry about paying a big potion of your dental services fees.

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Same-day emergency dental appointments available

All Insurances Accepted

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Your Smile is very important for us! 

We at Emergency Dental Office and our Dentist North York always make sure that our patients leave the clinic with a big smile on their face and happy from our friendly and experienced staff and pain-free procedure. We take your opinion very seriously, we would love to hear about your experience so that we can use your recommendations for future improvements.

North York Dentist

We Accept All New Patients and as a welcome bounce, We do a Complimentary and Free Dental Cleaning Services for all of our New Patients after Completing their New Patient’s Examination. Our North York Dentist Office is equipped with the latest technology dentistry’s material and equipment to provide a five-star dentistry to our patients.

If you are in our area and are looking for a North York Dentist, Dr. Kamali is a well-known name in this area who is now serving patients at Emergency Dental Office. From our Google Reviews, you can find out that Dr. Alireza Kamali is very honest, professional and knowledgeable who always explains the procedure to patients for them to understand the issue and to chose their best option for their personal oral health. If you follow us @emergencydentaloffice in Instagram, we have shared a few videos from Dr. Alireza Kamali’s injuections to kids who feels absolutely no pain. If you would like to experience a new way of dentistry without pain and suffering, visit our North York Dentist Today.

Precautions to be Considered for Emergency Dental Issues

The best way to avoid dental health issues is by regular brushing and flossing. Make sure you are having checkup every six months with any reliable dentist to avoid oral health issues. Despite all the precautionary measures, emergency situations such as infection, tooth pain, injuries, and inflammation can occur at any time.

As experts recommend regular dental checkups within the period of every six months. Many adult skips on their dental health checkups and maintenance. It results in bringing dental health issues. The emergency dental office provides free teeth cleaning to all the new patients after the initial patient’s examination. Therefore Dr. Alireza Kamali at Emergency Dental Office deals with the emergency dental health issues as a particular category in the clinic.

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Free Consultation For All New Patients


we accept most of the insurances

Emergency Dental Office accepts most of the insurances.


Emergency Services

Emergency Dental Services, 6 days a week


Attain Services From the Best North York Dentist in Case of Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can be extremely traumatic to the mouth. It can lead to bleeding and laceration to the gum. In case of any dental emergency, it is important to attain immediate medical attention. In case you are residing in North York, attain the best services from dentists through Emergency dental services. Through this North York Dental Clinic, you can get the emergency evaluated after the sudden tooth issue development. Through consulting the Emergency Dentist North York, the pain can be alleviated through the necessary treatment.

How to Identify a Dental Emergency?

You might be experiencing any dental emergency if you are having a serious toothache, discomfort, fractured teeth, and tooth pain. Basically, the dental emergency can occur at any inconvenient time leading to the need for immediate dentist consultation. Here are some of the dental emergencies that are commonly observed in patients:

· The falling out of the tooth filling is common which leads to pain.

· The falling out of the crown, bridge, and veneer also lead to sudden pain.

· The dental implant falling or breakage leads to severe pain.

· The experience of swelling in the affected area that causes pain while consuming the food.

Whether it is the result of accidentally biting on a piece of the food or any mouth injury, you need to immediately consult the Emergency Dental Clinic North York. In the case of abscess presence, it is essential to get it drained. It could be an infection too. In case your dental emergency is about a broken crown or denture, you should seek professional assistance from a dentist. In the case of cracked, broken, or dislodged teeth, it is also important to see a dentist. In the case of neglect, any dental emergency can lead to serious complications.

Same-Day Appointments

Same-day emergency dental appointments available

All Insurances Accepted

For emergency dental services and more

Emergency Call

+1 905-764-5399

Why consider North York Emergency Dental Office?

Ignoring any dental health issue and emergency can lead to extensive and permanent damage. To avoid this situation, consider immediate assistance of the North York Dentist through North York Dental Clinic. With the experience of over a decade, our professional and trained dentist is capable of dealing with emergency based dental issues. We ensure the provision of the best dental material and latest technology to ensure the provision of outstanding experience in Dental Emergency & Emergency dentists.

We offer same-day appointments for emergency situations such as damaged teeth and injuries. Through the immediate surgery and dental implant provision, we assist in overcoming the majority of dental emergencies.

What Services are Expected?

We provide a complete range of general, cosmetic, and specialty dentistry services to cover up the emergency situation. Along with that, we offer a wide array of payment options and discounts to get the proper care. We ensure the provision of exceptional dental service by the most trusted Emergency Dental Clinic in North York.

At Emergency Dental Office, we have a dedicated team to provide dedicated urgent dental care facilities in North York. This Emergency Dental Clinic North York provides an immediate solution through treating adults for gum pain and acute tooth. We provide complete assistance to overcome the dental infection, broken teeth, and an abscess. Other than that, we provide immediate facilities to overcome urgent dental issues and dental trauma. However, the patient is seen on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Dental Emergency & Emergency Dentist in North York

Sudden tooth pain, cracked, and chipped teeth can lead to dental emergencies. It can happen at any time. Our Emergency Dental Clinic North York with the best North York Dentist is here for you. We offer treatment for new patients on the same day with immediate care. From missing fillings to chipped teeth, we can help in fixing the teeth if you are experiencing a dental emergency. You can attain an appointment for the same day by consulting our staff. 

At the Emergency Dental Clinic North York, our highly trained staff and expert dentist provide short term relief for the acute pain and swelling. They also provide treatment of any recent facial trauma that has affected teeth. In an emergency, you could: 

· Be prescribed antibiotics and pain relief. 

· Attain temporary dressing placed on a single tooth. 

· Attain simple extraction of the single tooth. 

· Simply be given advice or referred to specialist services. 

Other than that, some of the dental emergency services provided by us include tooth extraction, gap filling, root canal therapy, dental implant, denture, oral surgery, veneers, and crown. Through the exceptional services in Vaughan, we aim to provide exceptional dental solutions for our valuable customers. It is crucial to stay calm to handle any dental emergency. We at North York Dental Clinic are capable of handling dental emergencies along with ensuring efficient dental care.

· The emergency dental office accepts your insurances by making an appointment. 

· Emergency dental office provides exceptional dental services without any prior appointment.

· The emergency dental office provides complimentary cleaning after completing the check-up of any new patient. 

The Emergency Dental Office brings the best possible dental health option for the area of North York. This Emergency Dental Clinic North York provides ample time for the visit along with affordable rates. We ensure the reduction of your dental health issues, along with reducing your fear. We also allow walk-in dentistry patients. With the availability of six days a week from early morning to midnight, we cater all the dental emergency.

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