Oral Surgery

One of the most rigorous and scary procedures to go through in the dental world is oral surgery.

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Oral Surgery

One of the most rigorous and scary procedures to go through in the dental world is oral surgery. Pertaining to the corrective measures required to fix oral problems, oral surgery is something that is often left as a last resort. It is carried out only when there is no other cure in sight and is done to ensure that a pre-lying problem, which has extensively grown out of hand, is firmly dealt with.

There are many different kinds of oral surgeries, and here at Emergency Dental Office we bring you all of them at the hands of professionals who have performed multiple surgeries successfully.

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Dr. Alireza Kamali

Written by Dr. Najmeh Alishavandi for Emergency Dental Office — Fact checked by Dr. Alireza Kamali

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The Oral Surgeries we Offer

Emergency dental office offers you a wide number of oral surgeries. Our surgeons are individuals with extensive experience and are professionals who have dealt with a wide number of cases successfully. In their hands, the protection of your mouth and teeth is guaranteed.

The oral surgeries we offer include dentoalveolar surgeries. This group of operations involve the extraction of teeth in a number of different cases, ranging from cracked teeth to the removal of wisdom teeth.

Furthermore, we also bring you the service to integrate dental implants. Our titanium implants are osseointegrated and make their way into your jaw while resting firmly with the rest of your teeth.

Finally, we offer you a wide range of cosmetic dentistry that’s a surefire way of correcting any problems that might exist in your mouth and neck regions as a result of any accident or other problems. With our expertise, you can restore your mouth and the region surrounding it to the way it used to be.

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Emergency Dental Office does not believe in going straight to surgery in any case. Our policy involves leading you towards oral surgery when all else fails. Hence, our procedure for oral surgery initially involves taking a number of tests and initiating a lot of discussion in order to assess if the oral problem you face can be fixed without having to resort to surgery, However, in case the tests do point out to the pressing need of oral surgery, we confer with you first and foremost and let you know the extent of the problem you are facing and how surgery can help you get rid of it.

In case a surgery is needed, you need not be troubled by it. Emergency dental office houses some of the most highly trained and most experienced professionals in the business who are backed with state of the art equipment designed to provide you with the relief you need at every step of the way. It’s a service that offers you what you need in a way that’s best suited to your ease and comfortableness, as with everything else Emergency dental office does.

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