4 Reasons To Run To An Emergency Dentist

Pain is the last thing you’d wish for in a day, especially if it’s tooth pain. Visiting an emergency dental office is not something you have on your to-do list either! But there are situations that call for an emergency visit to the nearest dentist. A broken or knocked-out tooth, exasperating toothache, and bleeding gums can be terrifying. Yet worse, they could happen anytime! Each of these issues needs your immediate action and prompt care from a professional emergency dentist. For a dental emergency, delay can cost you your teeth, your smile, your health, and even your life. So, don’t wait for them to get worse. Act right away, and you can save yourself a lot of pain and expenses.

But before you rush to the emergency dental clinic, here is some essential information to help you protect yourself from more serious risks and minimize the cost. Let’s take a quick look at the types of dental emergencies, their alarming signs and symptoms, and tips for prevention and pain management.

Act Fast, Get Relief: Recognizing and Addressing Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies include a wide range of issues related to your mouth, teeth, and generally your oral cavity. But, their distinctive feature is their need for urgent professional care. You may be able to procrastinate and postpone your dentist’s visit for a minor chip, but when it comes to a knocked-out tooth, the clock is ticking, and every minute gets you closer to losing your tooth. Therefore, knowing about what you should consider as an emergency case brings you much closer to a more effective and timely treatment.
Severe and persistent toothache, uncontrollable bleeding, and badly loose, broken, or knocked-out teeth are usually the main culprits for patients running into the emergency dental clinic. Either the result of an accident or neglecting oral health, each of these dental emergencies could turn your day into a disaster, filled with pain and anxiety. You should visit the nearest dentist as soon as possible and follow some care tips before going to the clinic to manage the possible bleeding and relieve your pain.

When to Seek Immediate Care: 4 of the Most Common Dental Emergencies

Emergencies never knock. So, you should always be aware of the signs and symptoms that call for urgent action. If you or one of your family members face the following dental issues, it is time to contact the dental office for professional advice and to book an emergency appointment:

1.When You Have a Broken or Knocked-Out Tooth

Many people may find themselves in this situation. This is especially true for small children and everyone who is into some kind of contact sports. Having a broken or knocked-out tooth is very common and it can happen not just because of a sports injury or accident but sometimes also at the comfort of your own home. No matter the reason, a badly broken, loose, or knocked-out tooth requires immediate care.
If you find yourself or a family member struggling with such an emergency, make sure to stay calm. Try to slow down the bleeding by biting down on a gauze pad. Put your knocked out tooth back in the socket, or keep it in a jar of lukewarm milk or your own saliva after carefully cleaning it for a few seconds.
Contact the nearest emergency dental clinic or simply visit as a walk-in patient to save more time.

2.If You Experience Constant or Unbearable Pain in Your Mouth

Dental pain can happen at any time during the day or night. You may be suffering from an underlying problem that you may not have taken seriously or an injury. The pain could be the result of a badly decayed tooth, gum disease, abscess, or damage to any other soft tissue in your mouth.
In any case, when it happens, you shouldn’t delay seeking emergency care to avoid further more severe problems and minimize the risk of losing your teeth. But before visiting the emergency dental office, you can take over-the-counter pain medications for temporary relief.

3.When You Are Not Able to Control Oral Bleeding

Oral bleeding can happen for several reasons, and without a doubt, it needs to be taken seriously. Whether the bleeding is because of an injury or a recent dental procedure gone awry, you need to see the dentist right away. Especially if it is uncontrollable and hasn’t stopped even after several attempts, visiting the nearest Emergency Dental Office is an absolute must. You will also need to apply gentle yet firm pressure onto the area that is bleeding or keep a cold compress near it to reduce the bleeding until you reach the emergency clinic.

4.In Case Your Dental Crown or Filling Has Fallen Off

You may or may not experience pain when your dental crown or filling falls off, but that does not mean you can ignore it and postpone your visit to the dentist. You need to be very careful when you lose your crown or filling, as the tooth underneath it is very vulnerable and can easily get damaged. Make sure to put a small piece of gum or dental wax on your tooth and gently bite on it for temporary sealing. If possible, you can also keep the crown on until you get to the emergency dental office. But be careful not to lose or swallow it.

The Importance of Prompt Treatment for Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can be very uncomfortable and stressful, but putting them off can be even worse. It can put your oral and overall health in real danger and cause great pain and discomfort. The threats can range from tooth loss to even the possible infection of your vital organs.

Apart from health-related issues, putting off a dental emergency can empty your pocket. The early stages of tooth decay, for example, can easily be treated with a simple dental filling. However, as you keep neglecting it, you need more costly treatment options like crowns and bridges. Finally, if your tooth is beyond repair, you will need to resort to tooth replacements like dentures and implants, which usually require a bigger budget.

Therefore, seeking immediate professional dental care is nothing short of essential for your oral health. It can protect your teeth from further damage and save you a lot of pain and unnecessary costs. So, remember to take dental emergencies more seriously, and do not hesitate to visit a reliable emergency dental clinic near you right away.

Preventing Further Damage and Complications

One of the major benefits of taking immediate action when facing a dental emergency is minimizing the risk of more complications. For instance, for a knocked-out tooth, your time is limited to only about a couple of hours. If you act fast, you can save your teeth and oral health in the long run.
On the other hand, tooth decay, if ignored, can cost you not only your tooth but also your normal oral function and lead to dental abscess. A more severe threat can then be caused by the dental abscess. If left untreated, it can result in the infection to spread into your other organs, even you heart and brain, through the bloodstream, causing fatal risks.
Furthermore, in case of dental or facial trauma, excessive and uncontrolled bleeding can put your life in danger. So, seeking immediate guidance for early care tips and visiting the nearest emergency dental clinic is vital. Do not forget an emergency should not wait.

Minimizing Pain and Discomfort

The unbearable toothache waking you up late at night, or the tooth broken in the middle of a gathering can be the true examples of nightmare. However, we have got some instructions you can follow to manage your pain and discomfort before getting to the dental office. 

  • Over-the-counter painkillers for temporary pain relief
  • Cold compress to reduce the swelling or slow down the bleeding
  • Lukewarm salt water to avoid infection and inflammation 

Also, if your broken tooth or lost crown and filling left you with a sharp-edged tooth, you can use dental wax or simply a small piece of gum to cover it up. This will both reduce the discomfort and the possibility of having lesions in your mouth. And, we can not accentuate the need for a good oral hygiene routine and regular dental checkups enough. They help prevent dental issues or catch them early on for more effective and timely treatment. 

Preserving Your Oral Health and Smile

Your smile is undeniably a remarkable feature, uniquely yours. But dental issues, like broken or knocked-out teeth, do not only risk your oral health but also your precious smile. Taking prompt action and visiting an emergency dental clinic can get you and your smile safely through a dental emergency.

Your habits also play a major role in maintaining your oral health and, as a result, keeping your smile radiant. Destructive habits like biting your nails or other hard objects should be avoided as they can cause great damage to your teeth. Sticking to regular brushing, flossing, and dental checkups are evidently inseparable components of your oral health, which should not ever be neglected. Finally, if you are into contact sports, we suggest you wear special mouthguards to steer clear of possible dental traumas and safeguard your stunning feature, your pearly whites.

At Emergency Dental Clinic, our team of seasoned dental professionals is ready to offer you top-notch dental care without any hesitation. Putting a healthy smile on your face is our ultimate goal.
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Your Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the signs to watch out for to seek urgent dental care:

  • Severe persistent tooth pain 
  • Dental abscess
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Badly broken or knocked-out tooth
  • Lost dental fillings or crowns
  • Soft oral tissue injuries

Contact the nearest emergency dental office for emergency care.

Dental emergencies are mainly covered by insurance. But if you do not have any dental insurance coverage and need to pay from the pocket, there is nothing to worry about. Our team will definitely help you with your problem by offering special discounts.

In most cases, the dentist is a better option, as they can address dental issues more professionally.
But it’s always better to err on the side of caution. Call the dentist first for advice. They can assess the situation and recommend the best course of action, even if it’s referring you to the emergency room.

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