Main Differences Between a Cosmetic Dentist and Emergency Dentist

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There are many different specialists providing various dental services for all needs and requirements. This variation of dental services can make you confused about choosing the right way in order to improve your smile. Making the wrong decision can lead to a huge waste of time, energy, and money, so you should observe all the needed factors before picking a dentist. Cosmetic and emergency dentists are two popular specialists that many prefer to visit in case of experiencing dental problems or traumas. As a matter of fact, there are many differences between dental services provided by a cosmetic dentist rather than an emergency dentist. Here at Emergency Dental Office, we offer our patients all possible services with the highest quality possible to make our clients completely satisfied when they leave our office behind. Understanding your needs and the severity of your condition is essential in the first step. Then you have to carefully check what services your intended emergency dentist or cosmetic dentist can provide through the Internet or by calling their office. Today’s article is about the main differences between an emergency and cosmetic dentist to help you make a wise decision.

When to choose an emergency dentist over a cosmetic dentist?

All emergency dentists are perfectly specialized in emergency dental care and know how to manage your problem in the best way possible. Furthermore, your emergency dentist can offer specific cosmetic dental procedures after finishing the emergency dental treatment to restore and improve the look of your smile.

When can you visit an emergency dentist for cosmetic dental services?

  • You have lost a tooth – having your tooth suddenly knocked out is one of the most common and serious dental emergencies. Your emergency dentist may be able to save the knocked-out tooth if you don’t waste time visiting them. Otherwise, your emergency dentist recommends restorative options like tooth implants or partial dentures to replace your missing tooth and so you can be comfortable with your smile again.
  • Your tooth is loose – feeling a loose tooth is a condition you should take seriously before it gets too late to save it. In such cases, a damaged nerve is a possible cause of your loose tooth. Therefore, emergency root canal treatment may be needed, and your emergent dentist will cover the intended tooth with a high-quality cosmetic crown after the treatment for more protection.
  • Your tooth is chipped – once you notice your tooth is chipped or broken, it’s time to visit your emergency dentist. After the initial stage of treatment, your emergency dentist can use cosmetic veneers to repair your chipped or broken tooth.
  • You have lost your filling – if you have lost your dental filling due to any reason, your emergency dentist can replace it for you in the best way possible.
  • You struggle with tooth abscess – developed stage of untreated dental infection is called an abscess, usually requiring root canal therapy. Otherwise, tooth removal is the only option left for your emergency dentist.


Your oral health is worthy, and you are obliged to do whatever you can in order to protect your delightful smile. Therefore, it’s better to book an appointment with our dentists now and gather more information right away.

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