What You Need to Know About New Dentures

If you have lost a few of your natural teeth, it’s time to find a good solution. Missing teeth are considered one of the most serious problems a person can ever experience. Your smile is one of the most noticeable features you have, so it’s necessary to protect it as much as possible. Not replacing your missing teeth not only ruin your beautiful smile but lead to more serious dental problems and complications. Fortunately, there are many different tooth replacement options available these days. You can also consult with our experienced dentists at Emergency Dental Office to receive helpful recommendations and information. Dentures are one of the most popular options to replace your missing teeth. However, many still don’t have correct information about how dentures really are and their unique benefits. New types of dentures are significantly improved and are custom created according to the patient’s needs. Your cosmetic dentist is able to manufacture a customized denture fitted your unique mouth structure. Today’s blog explains everything you should know about dentures before choosing them.

Dentures are useful for all ages.

Unfortunately, many people think that dentures are just for older people and are useless for younger patients. There are many reasons a person has missing teeth, including dental emergencies, dental trauma, accidents, etc. Missing teeth can happen to anyone at any age. Regardless of age, dentures are fantastic for replacing missing teeth. No matter how old you are, dentures allow you to speak, eat and smile more comfortably.

There are different types of dentures.

There are many different types of dentures provided for various needs. Your cosmetic dentist can thoroughly guide you in choosing the best type of denture based on your needs. It’s essential to understand which denture suits your smile and can meet your needs perfectly. The number of missing teeth, your budget, personal preferences and oral health are important factors in determining which type of denture is the best for you.

  • Partial dentures – if you have lost a section of teeth, partial dentures can be a good option for you. Partial dentures will replace your missing teeth while they are attached to your nearby natural teeth. Therefore, your dentist will cover the nearby teeth with cosmetic crowns as supportive anchors for dentures and to add more protection.
  • Full dentures – if you need to replace all of your teeth in the upper and lower jaw, full dentures can be unique. However, tooth removal is required for renaming natural teeth before getting a full denture.
  • Implant-supported dentures – it’s a more technologically advanced method to replace your missing teeth. In this way, dentures get attached to special dental implants that provide more protection, stability and support. In this method, dental surgery is necessary to implant the small titanium posts into your jawbone.


Dentures are more natural than before.

Compared to before, denture technology is significantly advanced these days. So, you don’t need to worry about how they look or feel, as they are pretty similar to your natural teeth.

Dentures are durable, natural and beneficial. So don’t waste time and visit your cosmetic dentist if you are interested.

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Dr. John Doe

Dr. John Doe

Written by Finn Maguire Cohen for Emergency Dental Office — Fact checked by Dr. John Doe