How Dental Clinics Create Amazing Smiles?

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Everyone craves to have beautiful teeth to enhance the beauty of your smile. Moreover, it is essential to visit the dentist to maintain the overall dental health of an individual. So, we can say that the regular visits to dentists are really important to take care of your teeth and prevent any type of dental problems.

Everyone wants a dazzling smile not only to attract other people towards you but also to increase the self- confidence of a person. There are various ways in which the New York dental clinic can help their patients to enjoy the beautiful smile.

Teeth Whitening

We all are aware of the fact that teeth become stained and discolored gradually after some time mainly due to smoking and various types of medications and also consumption of foods and beverages such as coffee and tea. A dentist uses a special chemical process in which the teeth are bleached to avoid any type of discoloration. They generally create a custom mouthpiece tray which ensures that the right amount of solution of teeth whitening is possible to reach your teeth.

Let’s have a look at the procedure carried by the dentists for teeth whitening

The procedure of teeth whitening mainly follows two types of phenomena: Extrinsic Dental Stains and Intrinsic dental stains.

Extrinsic Dental Stains

These are the stains that generally occur on the external surface of teeth and may lead to discoloration of the teeth. The extrinsic dental stain is treated with the help of a professional whitening process gradually over one-two weeks. These types of stains usually occur due to the excessive use of tobacco, smoking, and chewing. Also, teeth become easily susceptible to stains if they get exposed to large amounts of acidic foods and beverages. Further, age is also one of the primary reasons due to which the teeth become discolored and the color of the teeth changes.

Intrinsic Dental Stains

These stains generally occur inside the teeth or inner side of an enamel. Chemical whitening is not enough to remove the stain. The dark enamel needs to be lightened, in which after whitening the white fluorosis lines remain. The restorative dentistry is mainly responsible for making the dark enamel white, in which the dark crowns are replaced by zirconia or all-ceramic ones. Ceramic is typically used to remove light enamel, tetracycline, and fluorosis stains.

It generally occurs due to acid erosion in the teeth or extensive fluoride use in the teeth which may result in intrinsic stains.

The crux of the content is that New York Dental clinic have the best professionals to provide you with the reliable dental care services and to create amazing smiles.

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Dr. John Doe

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