All Typical Myths About Endodontic Treatment

As usual, many people become scared when they hear the term root canal therapy during their dental appointments. Recent studies have shown that most patients prefer to postpone root canal therapy because they think this complicated dental procedure can be very painful. However, these beliefs are not scientifically correct. According to a top-rated endodontist at Emergency Dental Office, endodontic treatment is the best solution to solve severe dental infections, save natural teeth and prevent the risk of tooth extraction. Thanks to the technological advances in various branches of dentistry science, repairing infected teeth through root canal therapy is done much easier than before. This blog outlines the most common myths about this top-quality procedure to fully make you aware of what will happen during your root canal therapy session.


Myth 1: Tooth extraction is a more appropriate option than Root Canal Therapy

Those who believe dental extraction is the best solution to get rid of teeth infection are completely in the wrong way. This is because the gaps caused by missing teeth should be immediately filled with dental implants. Replacing lost teeth with dental implants requires spending much time and high prices. Therefore, saving natural teeth through root canal therapy can be more reasonable than extracting them.


Myth2: Root Canal Therapy Will Fail if Your Teeth Are Severely Infected

As all highly-dedicated dentists commonly state, endodontic treatment is the most effective solution for decayed and infected teeth. Bear in mind to immediately seek a reliable dental emergency clinic that offers successful root canal therapy anytime a tooth infection occurs. This is because those who postpone root canal therapy will let the infection gradually spread into their whole body and causes life-threatening health issues and urgent dental conditions that put their overall health at risk.

Myth 3: Children are not eligible candidates for endodontic treatment.

As all experienced and dedicated pediatric dentists explain, children with severely infected teeth who are under 10 should undergo root canal therapy to keep their baby teeth healthy and strong until they are replaced with permanent teeth. If you prefer to gain more information about the importance of root canal therapy for children, you should make appointments to consult with professional pediatric dental practitioners.


Myths 4: Endodontic treatments can negatively weaken your teeth roots.

 Those who believe their teeth roots are removed during the process of root canal therapy are completely in the wrong way. An endodontist will use top-notch dentistry tools to remove the pulp of your teeth that is infected. Then they will use a protective dental crown to properly cover the visible parts of your teeth and restore the aesthetic aspects of your smile.


Myth5: You can immediately return to your routine life and have your favorite food after root canal therapy.

Once your treatment is done and all infected parts are successfully removed, you will receive a temporary dental filling until your teeth crowns get created. Nowadays, several materials are available to create well-designed dental crowns. Highly skilled cosmetic dentists can recommend the best option that properly fits your dental needs. Once your professional endodontist accurately places the crown on your teeth, you will regain your powerful chewing ability to eat whatever you like.

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