What is considered a dental emergency?

a dental emergency

Dental emergencies include a range of dental issues typically associated with severe pain, bleeding, swelling, etc. Even some dental emergencies are more annoying and urgent than others and require more complicated dental emergency treatments. It is essential to save a tooth from being lost, so you shouldn’t waste time facing an emergency dental problem. If you live in North York, Toronto, or the surrounding area, you can call the Emergency Dental clinic at any time of the day or night to meet your dental emergency needs.

Different types of dental emergencies

A knocked-out tooth

Some kinds of accidents, intense sports, and generally, extreme pressure and force on your teeth may lead to a knocked-out tooth. When your tooth gets knocked out, you should seek emergency dental treatment to save the tooth life. Time is the most crucial matter that you should consider in this situation. When your tooth is knocked out, you can save it less likely after 30-60 minutes. However, there are still things you can do to bring your lost tooth back to life:

  • Do not touch a knocked-out tooth root. Hold the tooth by its crown.
  • Avoid washing your tooth with soap or other chemicals. You can only rinse its crown, not the root, with lukewarm water.
  • It is best to keep your knocked-out tooth in its own socket in your mouth. If not possible, put it in a milk container and immediately go to an emergency dental clinic.
  • If you cannot save your natural tooth after an injury, there is no need to get worried. Dental implants are the best possible cosmetic dentistry treatment to replace your lost and knocked-out tooth, as they function very similar to your natural teeth.

Chipped or broken tooth

A small chip on your tooth can be fixed easily by a dental filling. Besides, a dental crown is helpful for larger tooth cracks. However, a broken or fractured tooth that leads to intolerable pain, swelling on your face, or even infection, is considered a dental emergency and requires urgent treatment.

Tooth abscess

A tooth abscess may have some signs such as fever, foul breath, or taste in your mouth, swelling in your gum, jaw, and even face, and persistent pain. In the case of a tooth abscess, your tooth pulp and nerves get involved with the infection, which may spread to the other mouth areas and different parts of your body without proper treatment. A root canal treatment or even a tooth extraction may be necessary for more complicated forms of an abscessed tooth. In case you need an emergency dentist in North York and the surrounding area, call us for an emergency treatment appointment.


Continuous intolerable toothache is a real disaster! When your teeth show a sharp pain reaction consuming hot or cold food, it may indicate tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, cracked filling, etc. A severe toothache doesn’t necessarily show a dental emergency. Still, you should visit a dentist to make sure if you need emergency dental care.

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Written by Finn Maguire Cohen for Emergency Dental Office — Fact checked by Dr. John Doe