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Emergency Dentist Toronto COVID-19

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To prevent the spread of COVID-19 emergency dental practices in North York/Toronto, RCDSO has implemented new levels of safety and sanitation protocols. These protect the safety of both the staff and the patients following guidelines provided by Canada Health and other governing bodies. At Emergency Dental Office North York these guidelines are taken very seriously and must be followed by all at your next appointment.

Only patients receiving treatment will be allowed in the office, who will be allowed one parent to attend with them, and adults that require extra accommodation. All others will be required to remain out of the office while awaiting the patient’s procedure to be completed. Upon entry, the provided hand sanitizer must be used and a mask or suitable face covering must be worn. If you do not have a mask one may be provided by the dental office or your appointment may be delayed until a mask can be acquired. At Dr. Kamali’s Emergency Dental Office in Vaughan, we provide masks, hand sanitizers and other impotent measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Toronto.  In addition, there may be a plexiglass shield installed at reception areas to provide the transfer of droplets between staff and patients. It is requested that patients touch only surfaces that are necessary and avoid touching all other surfaces, and all common surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized between patients. All patients should remove their mask or face covering only for the procedure itself, then resume wearing it and use hand sanitizer or wash hands when they leave the dentist office as well.

Due to staggered appointment times and the need to space out staff and their breaks, walk-in appointments are no longer available. All appointments must be made over the phone or online, and a COVID-19 screening test will be completed at that time. There will be another screening done at the time of the appointment before the entrance to the procedure area, or before the entrance to the office itself. Anyone with symptoms will be asked to book their appointment at another time unless emergency services are required that can not be put off. In that instance, staff will wait longer between the end of the appointment and the cleaning process to allow for settling of droplets, and greater protective wear may be worn at that time. This will help to protect the staff and other patients while still allowing emergency dental procedures to be completed.

All staff must wear proper protection equipment at all times. This means that staff will not only wear masks during procedures but may also be wearing them around the office in areas they may come in contact with other people, staff, or patients. As staff is required to maintain proper distancing even while at work there may be fewer staff in the office at any time, but procedures will still be completed properly and with fully trained and prepared staff. As each area must be cleaned thoroughly between appointments with an approved cleaner, and to encourage proper distance between people, appointments will be staggered, lessening the number of people in the building at any one time and keeping safe distances between both patients and staff. Only approved cleaners can be used, and all operating equipment must be cleaned between each patient, even when protective covers are used.

To protect the health of both patient and staff the emergency dentist North York will have more new guidelines in place during COVID-19 and has prepared for both emergency dentist appointments as well as regular procedures. With extra protective equipment, additional hand sanitizer locations and uses, staggered appointments, and additional cleaning between patients and twice a day, it is safe to have your dental needs met during this time.

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Written by Finn Maguire Cohen for Emergency Dental Office — Fact checked by Dr. John Doe