Emergency Tooth Removal: Why and When Is It Needed?

Emergency Tooth Removal

A teeth crisis can be the worst experience an individual has in their entire life. Your smile is a major part of your appearance, and you have no choice but to take very good care of it in order to remain charming. As a matter of fact, most successful people have flawless smiles and mention it as an effective element in different aspects of life. But can you avoid all dental issues in your life? The answer is no. Some incidents are unavoidable, and you need specific procedures to get done in order to restore your brilliant smile.

Here at Emergency Dental Office our professionals offer the best care services if you have faced a dental crisis and help you to preserve your smile. In some severe cases, more invasive procedures are needed in order to save that damaged tooth, and most patients become significantly afraid at this moment.

One of these treatments is emergency tooth removal in North York which is unfortunately not understood by many people. As a matter of fact, specialists recommend this plan when they have no choice but to extract to preserve your oral wellness. Today’s blog explains conditions when emergency removal may be required. 

Tooth Decay: 

It’s the most common dental emergency which many experience at least once in their whole life. It looks simple when you visit our dentists and they tell you our filling services in North York can repair the decayed tooth ideally. But on some other occasions, a filling can do nothing since the tooth is too broken and unrepairable. In such cases, the bacteria have entered into the inner layers of the tooth and make it very infected. Our dentist may suggest a North York root canal, but they pull the tooth out when there is no way to save it. 

Impacted Tooth: 

One of the biggest tooth crises a person can experience is an impacted tooth. They failed to come out completely due to a blockage, and resulted in a wide range of serious issues. That’s why our North York emergency dentists always recommend extracting wisdom teeth (they usually become impacted) before facing such conditions. 

Chipped Tooth: 

Many different conditions can make your teeth fractured, including accidents, sports injuries, etc. If you are lucky enough, our cosmetic dentists in North York can repair the damaged tooth in the best way possible. We offer the most effective services, such as North York crowns, veneers, and so on, to help patients with fractured teeth. However, some conditions are too severe to be addressed by these restorations, and the professional has no option but to remove them. 

Periodontal Disease: 

One of the most serious problems an individual can experience is gum-related disease. They include periodontal ligaments, alveolar bone, etc. If you are lucky enough, our emergency dentist in Richmond Hill can detect this condition in its early stages and treat it with smooth and painless procedures. Otherwise, they may refer you to skillful periodontists to pull the infected out, especially when the alveolar bone or periodontal ligament begins getting affected.

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