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Do you prefer not to smile due to the stains existing on your teeth? IT IS OVER. These days, dentistry improvements provide various cosmetic dental issues boosting your self-confidence while speaking and smiling. Many moons ago, it was just a dream to have beautiful, unified, and white teeth. But now everyone can go for it. Teeth whitening treatment, known as one of the most popular dental treatments word wild, can bring you a set of pearly white teeth along with a gleaming white smile. If you are one of those looking for a trusted and successful teeth whitening treatment in North York, Dr. Alireza Kamali and his dedicated team at Emergency Dental Office are ready to make your dream true. In the following, we provided a piece of useful information about teeth whitening treatment to help you make up your mind about going for it or opt for another option.

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Tips Before, During, And After Teeth Whitening Treatment

Since you are probably suggested not to eat immediately after this cosmetic dental procedure, it is better to eat a good meal before going to your dentist’s office.

One of the prominent factors before going under teeth whitening treatment is to have clean teeth. In better words, you are highly suggested to visit a dental hygienist in advance and have your teeth cleaned. Otherwise, the process may not be done perfectly.

Most dental visits, especially those considered emergency dental services, are done fast. But, teeth bleaching is almost a more prolonged process in cosmetic dentistry. So, you should expect to spend a pretty long time in the dentist’s office. Be patient and do not nag. During the process, try to stay calm. The treatment visit will probably take up to an hour.

When the Process Is Done

The only downside to whitening your teeth is the sensitivity that sometimes develops. Feeling sensitivity after teeth whitening treatment is pretty typical, and the dentist will probably inform you about it. Limiting foods that are too cold or too hot during treatment can minimize your symptoms. The problems will fade after a while. But if you still feel too much pain, you can consult with your dentist in this regard. Taking painkillers, if taken before going for teeth bleaching, can help reduce or prevent symptoms.

It is highly recommended to care about your white teeth. In better words, you should consider what you eat and drink. Colored foods will stain your teeth faster than is expected. Besides, if you strive to have white teeth longer, you should have regular dental hygiene such as brushing and flossing. It is worth stating that none of the dental specialists tell to brush immediately after eating and drinking. In fact, this is so harmful. Instead, it is a good option to brush before having a meal. In addition, soft-hair toothbrushes are gentler on your teeth and gums, so they can be so helpful.

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The Final Say

If the stains on your teeth are so deep that they cannot be removed with teeth bleaching, the expert will probably opt for another dental method such as dental veneers. So in today’s advanced world, being a bundle of nerves about stains on your teeth is useless.

Dr. John Doe

Dr. John Doe

Written by Finn Maguire Cohen for Emergency Dental Office — Fact checked by Dr. John Doe