Different Techniques of Dental Implants

No matter you have lost one tooth or several teeth due to an injury, bad eating habits, tooth decay, dental disease, or aging. You don’t have to live with this problem for the rest of your life. Thanks to the dental implant method, countless people can benefit from a healthier and more beautiful smile. Emergency Dental Office, delivers the best dental implant treatment that will bring your missing teeth issue to an end for good. 

No one can deny that to replace a damaged, extracted, or knocked out tooth, dental implants are by far the best option. Even one missing tooth puts you in many troubles related to your oral health. Besides, dental implants will definitely help you have a sparkling smile again. Dental implants are screw-like posts or artificial tooth roots that replaces your missing teeth.

Your dental implants can function and look so similar to your natural ones. Some dentists often suggest dentures and dental bridges as a proper dentistry treatment for your missing teeth. However, dental implants undoubtedly are a better tooth replacement option. It is best to get a dental implant right after tooth extraction. 

Your dental, gum, and jawbone health condition is significantly effective in determining the type of dental implant for you. In general, dental implant techniques include several different steps.

Why dental implants?

The artificial root of a dental implant is similar to screws in shape. The screw-like post of dental implant bonds with your natural jawbone when inserted. These roots are supposed to be strong for supporting one or more artificial teeth or crowns. Custom-made dental crowns match your real teeth and fit in your jawbone and gum tissue. Although dental implants are considered a cosmetic dentistry method, they can also prevent the need for emergency dental care

Dental implant procedure

Screw-like posts of dental implants are typically made of titanium or ceramic and are surgically inserted into the jawbone. Artificial dental implant roots must be fully integrated into the jawbone structure through a process called osseointegration. The abutment is placed on the next step. Then the dental implant is ready to support and hold the dental implant on it. The dental crown must be attached well to the abutment so that the dental implant can function appropriately. The dental implant treatment provided by our professional Maxilla Dental specialists in North York is the best solution for your missing tooth with the highest possible success rate.  

Different types of dental implants

The dental implant specialist suggests one of the dental implant techniques considering your jawbone health and purposes. Dental implant options may include:


Immediate dental implants

In the immediate or same-day tooth replacement method, a dental implant specialist can place a temporary tooth at the same appointment as inserting the dental implant roots. You must have healthy bone and gum tissue to be the right candidate for immediate implants. In fact, dental implants should be able to bear the pressure of the new temporary tooth. When your tooth has decayed in a way that endodontic treatment cannot save it anymore, you may have to extract your tooth. Then immediate dental implant works best to replace your extracted tooth. 

Mini dental implants (MDIs)

Mini or narrow diameter dental implants are smaller in size than conventional dental implants. In this method, there is no need for flap surgery on the gums. Mini dental implants also require a shorter time for healing. Your healthy and dense jaw bone is a must to get a mini dental implant, so there will probably be no need for bone grafting. Mini dental implants are offered at a more affordable price than conventional dental implants in all dental offices.


All-on-4 is a beneficial dental implant technique in which a set of missing teeth on the upper or lower jaw will be replaced. In this method, only four dental implant roots support a full set of teeth on the top or the bottom of your mouth. Maxilla Dental is proud to offer innovative All-on-4 dental implant techniques in North York and the surrounding area. 

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Dr. John Doe

Written by Finn Maguire Cohen for Emergency Dental Office — Fact checked by Dr. John Doe