Can You Get Beautiful Results with Emergency Dental Treatments?

These days, different types of dentists are trying to provide people with high-quality services. There are many dentistry fields related to different problems to meet to satisfy the patients in the best way possible. Therefore, it’s essential to know which dentist you must visit according to your needs and condition. Cosmetic and emergency dentists are two popular professionals people want to see. You can also make an appointment to consult with our professionals at the Emergency Dental Office, as we provide both services. While cosmetic dentists mainly focus on your smile beauty, emergency dentists can manage severe dental problems at the moment. Therefore, many believe emergency dentists can’t give you a beautiful smile in the end. The fact is your smile’s beauty and oral health are connected to each other, which is why a beautiful smile usually equals a healthy mouth. If you need emergency dental services, you can expect stunning results and an improved smile. Emergency dental care can also be cosmetic, a concept that many can’t understand. Here we explain why and how emergency dentistry can be cosmetic!

Emergency and cosmetic dentistry are connected.

As a patient, you may not pay attention to overlaps between emergency and cosmetic dentistry. There are many similar treatments that both cosmetic and emergency dentists use. For instance, an emergency dentist may use a dental crown to cover and protect your tooth after a root canal treatment or an accident. On the other hand, cosmetic dentists may recommend you get a cosmetic crown to make your smile perfect and hide your tooth imperfections. Another minor difference between cosmetic and emergency dentistry is the material. Cosmetic dentists try to pick tooth-colored material carefully to make your smile shiny. For example, the emergency dentist may use amalgam fillings that aren’t visually attractive, but cosmetic dentists always choose tooth-colored fillings that are matched your other teeth.

Emergency dental treatments last for a long time.

When performed right, emergency dental care services can give you long-lasting results. Therefore, emergency dentists try to make your smile attractive while treating the main dental problem. That’s why emergency dentists may refer you to an implant dentist immediately after tooth extraction or other urgent conditions. According to the dentists at a top dental implant center in Richmond Hill, getting a dental implant not only makes your smile more beautiful but also protects your jawbone and prevents further dental emergencies.

Cosmetic dental services are a healthier option.

The primary purpose of your emergency dentist is to relieve your pain. Still, your dentist pays attention to preventative techniques at the same time to lessen the risk of dental emergencies in the future. Therefore, it’s better to use some cosmetic dental procedures as they are better choices from a health standpoint. For instance, emergency dentists recommend professional teeth whitening to their patients after the main treatment to make their oral health and smile improved.

So, it’s vital to make a good decision when you choose your emergency dentist. Still, some prefer to take care of the immediate problem and send you on your way. It’s better to make an appointment and ask your emergency dentist about their work process!


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