Are All the Statements about Dental Hygiene True?

=Nowadays, oral hygiene is much more important than in the past. In other words, people know more about emergency dental issues as well as the available c =osmetic dental treatments. It can be said that almost all people are aware that having white and healthy teeth leads to a unique and impressive smile. As one of the people living in Toronto, North York, Richmond Hill, and surrounding areas, if you also care about your oral health and don’t want to miss the impressive pleasure of a deep smile, you can visit Emergency Dental Office. Dr. Alireza Kamali and his team of dental specialists integrate their experience and skills with cutting-edge dental facilities to ensure that all their patients are in perfect oral health.

Many articles have been written about the dos and don’ts of oral health and related dental issues. But the question is, are all these statements and dos and don’ts true? Today, in this article, we will discuss some misconceptions about teeth and dental diseases.

Sugar and Facing Dental Cavities

Most people believe that sugar will cause dental cavities. This is not true. The reason why eating sugar is forbidden to prevent cavities is not actually sugar itself. There are bacteria in our mouths that feed on the sugar that we consume. And finally, the acid produced by these bacteria leads to dental cavities. So, if you do not want to face this emergency dental issue, it is better to watch the amount of sugar you eat. The lower sugar you eat, the healthier teeth you will have.

Brush More and More to Have Healthier teeth

Do you brush too much and too hard? It will result counterproductively. If you want to take care of your teeth and smile, you should brush properly, not too much. As most professional and experienced dentists emphasize, every person has a specific dental status, and it is important to know what kind of toothbrush is suitable for your gums and teeth. If you get a hard toothbrush and you brush too hard or too much, you will definitely harm your teeth. Especially if you have gone through teeth whitening treatment, you will face awful teeth sensitivity if you brush in the wrong way.

Brush Immediately after Eating and Drinking 

Those who believe brushing after eating and drinking is the best way to save teeth are absolutely wrong. No dental specialist suggests this. There is a direct relation between brushing after eating and facing emergency dental issues.

Kids’ Teeth Are Not Important Since They Are Not Permanent

If you have a child who is experiencing having baby teeth, do not think that not caring about them is ok just because they are baby teeth and they will have a set of new teeth again. If you want your children to have healthy permanent teeth, you should teach them to brush and floss their baby teeth. Not paying enough attention to baby teeth will lead to severe dental issues.

Until There Is No Dental Problem, There is No Need to Visit the Dentist

This is another misconception about your teeth and oral health. If you learn to visit your dentist regularly, you will face less severe unexpected dental issues.

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Dr. John Doe

Dr. John Doe

Written by Finn Maguire Cohen for Emergency Dental Office — Fact checked by Dr. John Doe